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Information about the Centre

Karma Kagyu Norbu Pema Chöling e.V.

The Tibetan Buddhist centre Karma Kagyu Pema Norbu Chöling e.V. was founded in 2003. This is a place where Tibetan Buddhism can be studied and practised together. The centre houses the entire Buddhist Canon (Kangyur) along with the associated comments (Tengyur) in its original form. It is a very special place for meditation practice and other wholesome activities. We strive to preserve and promote Tibetan culture and language and the dialogue between the religions. People of all faiths and traditions are welcome here.

The History of our Name

The name "Karma Kagyu Rinpoche Pema Chöling" was given to the centre by Lama Pema Dorje. The name and icon/logo designed by Lamala are closely connected with its main practice of Chenrezig. Chenrezig is the embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas.
In the centre of our logo is a lotus with a lunar disc and upon this an array of precious jewels. These jewels (Tibetan: "Norbu") have the ability to fulfil all desires spontaneously. They dispel hunger and poverty in all four directions and give a long life in health and good conditions. The jewel of the gods is surrounded by a ring of fire. To the right is the precious jewel of human beings and to the left that of the Nagas (water deities with snake-like bodies). The jewels are painted here in several colours for the sake of beauty; usually the jewel of the Gods is painted in the bright blue of lapis lazuli.
The Lotus (Tibetan: "Pema"), a pure and beautiful plant even though it is surrounded by water and mud, symbolises the purity of Chenrezig who is untainted by the imperfections of samsara.

How to Contribute to the Preservation of this Place

Karma Kagyu Rinpoche Pema Chöling is a place of meditation and encounter, a place that houses the precious writings of the Buddhist Canon and sacred objects. Each of us can contribute to the preservation of the worthy residence for these things, so that many people can benefit from the treasure of Buddhist teachings.

Membership, Sponsorships and Donations — A Necessary Aid

A Dharma centre has fixed regular and one-off costs and these cannot be covered by the revenue from the entrance fees alone. Therefore we need your help and generosity. Generosity from a Buddhist point of view is one of the Six Transcendent Acts (Paramitas), one which creates a lot of benefit for the giver and is an important prerequisite for the freedom from suffering. You all are cordially invited to support the Centre! This can be done by a sustaining membership, by a sponsorship with a regular monthly contribution or by one-off cash donations.
As a centre sponsor or sustaining member you will regularly receive our current program of events and we can issue donation receipts (recognised by German tax authorities). Karma Kagyu Rinpoche Pema Chöling e.V. is a registered charity / non-profit organisation and our volunteers do not receive payment for their work.

Donations account

Our donations bank account number is 7199288002 with the Berliner Volksbank (German bank code 10090000). The IBAN is DE67 1009 0000 7199 2880 02 (DE67100900007199288002 without spaces) and the BIC is BEVODEBB.

Practical Help — Priceless!

Just as important as a financial basis is active help to build and maintain the centre, such as doing the shopping, cleaning the centre, helping with decorations and refurbishments where necessary and distributing programmes and flyers. Please contact us if you would like to help!
Many thanks indeed to everyone who has supported our centre in the past and to everyone who will do so in the future!

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